Position Description Check List

As the primary tool for finding the right candidate for the job, the position description should be a consensus of predetermined needs and include the following information:

  • Position Title
    Title of the applicable position
  • Reports To
    Direct supervisor's name and title
  • Subordinates
    Size of staff and titles of direct reports
  • Job Scope
    A general summation of the overall job function, the purpose of the position to include its objectives and anticipated results; company standards and philosophies should be outlined, as well as duties and responsibilities needed for compliance
  • Job Duties
    Define each specific segment of the position and the functions to be performed within each area. i.e. administration, leasing, operations; list any role or action to be performed that would be measured when evaluating compliance; specify accountability, activity or involvement with other company employees; describe anticipated interaction with outside vendors or clients; include disclaimer that senior management may assign other essential functions and needs as necessary
  • Required Skills
    Define the perceived, necessary and measurable skills and abilities that are needed to effectively perform the work at hand
  • Minimum Qualifications
    Education, licensing, credentials, years of experience, specific training or technical knowledge
  • Compensation
    Outline the components of the compensation including salary range, expense reimbursements, commission or bonus structure, stocks, options or equity and other basic company benefits

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