10 Step Search Process

This process is designed to solicit and disseminate the necessary information and resources to assure a successful search and hiring outcome.

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Step 1: Requisition and Internal Approval

  • Gather information about the position and challenge the market validity.
  • Assess position responsibilities, technical and professional skills required, competitiveness of the compensation, flow of hiring process and company/group dynamics.
  • Address concerns and offer recommendations.
  • Acknowledge fee agreement and terms.

Step 2: Client Approval

  • Conduct position search assignment interview with hiring authorities.
  • Finalize and get Client approval of the position description.
  • Upon receiving approval of position description and authorized terms, the search is launched.

Step 3: Existing Candidate Identification

  • Pull from existing Candidate database and narrow potential matches through a process based on work history and contributions, criteria for career movement, cultural and chemistry match, and technical compatibility.
  • The semi-finalists will be re-evaluated and approved for submission to Client.

Step 4: New Candidate Recruitment and Development

  • ARG will network our centers of influence to source referrals of industry "stars."
  • Exploratory contacts are made to determine viability for career movement and placement.
  • Candidates are not "baited" with Client's requirements. They are asked to describe their true career motivation and desire for progression.
  • Uninfluenced Candidates that match Client's assignment have an improved chance for retention and predictability.
  • Technical and professional proficiency are thoroughly examined.
  • Top Candidates are given Client exposure.

Step 5: Client Presentation and Candidate Preparation

  • An assessment of selected finalists will be presented to Client.
  • Presentation includes Candidate:
    1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
    2. Criteria for Career Movement
    3. Compensation History
  • Selected Candidates are thoroughly prepped before interviews.

Step 6: Present Finalists

  • The finalists are presented to the Client to begin interview and selection process.
  • Interview times are discussed/arranged.
  • Timing, sense of urgency and competition will vary among each candidate, so projected shelf life will be communicated to client.

Step 7: Client / Candidate Interviews

  • Interviews are scheduled and held either on or off Client site.
  • Recommendations may be provided to Client to facilitate "no surprise" hiring.

Step 8: Post Interview Debriefings

  • After each interview both Candidate(s) and Client will describe in detail and be fully debriefed on Technical/Professional Compatibility, Chemistry and Culture Fit, Position Challenge and Retention.
  • Information and findings are presented to both sides.

Step 9: Trial Offer / Pre-Closure

  • Once a Candidate is in final consideration, ARG will test an offer hypothetically prior to any formal extension.
  • Any incongruities will be resolved or dissolved.
  • Arrange acceptable start date.

Step 10: Official Offer and Acceptance

  • ARG will verbally extend and convey candidate's offer and acceptance to better insure success, unless otherwise strategically necessary for the client to do it directly.
  • When all parties are in agreement, the client will prepare and extend a written offer to the candidate.
  • Follow through for smooth transition into new position.

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