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When you enlist Asset Resource Group as your executive recruiter, you are engaging unmatched real estate industry experience and best search practices. Additionally you are ensuring that only the most qualified candidates from real estate investment or management sectors are presented in a relentless effort to meet every one of your hiring requirements and equally important, your timeline.

Essential components of Asset Resource Group’s commitment to hiring excellence are its core service offerings, tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of each and every real estate client:

Engaged Search

Exclusively outsourcing your executive search and recruiting to Asset Resource Group is your guarantee that precise focus and unwavering determination will be the driving factors in the recruitment process for the ideal candidate. Asset Resource Group also understands that matching your job specifications is as important as matching your corporate culture. ARG partners with each client to thoroughly learn and understand the nuances of each job and the hiring factors.

Contingency Recruiting

Asset Resource Group is always on the lookout for experienced real estate practitioners with impressive skill sets and industry knowledge. This ensures a ready pool of pre-qualified candidates who may be presented to prospective employers as job opportunities become available. Asset Resource Group handles all candidate identification & assessment, interviews, reference checks and compensation negotiations. There is no cost or obligation unless a referred candidate is hired and begins employment.

Consulting Services

When a full search or referrals are not warranted, Asset Resource Group provides “unbundled search” services that insure you are making quality hires to fill either interim or permanent positions in any real estate functional, finance, development, or operations sector. A customized process is devised to satisfy each company’s particular requirement from composing position descriptions, reviewing resumes, to pre-qualifying and presenting only “A” list candidates. By selecting Asset Resource Group to manage your recruiting process you save time and money by only paying for services performed.

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